Darrius Salvester

Darrius Salvester

Darrius Salvester is programme officer at Usiko Stellenbosch. This young vibrant 26 year old man hails from the small rural town of Prince Alfred Hamlet. His parents moved to Stellenbosch in search of better working opportunities and access to educational opportunities for their children.

He recalls “Usiko came into my life when I was in school, in grade 11 with a lot of confusion and questions of where I was heading with life. With only 2 years left of schooling, I was unsure of myself and what I would do after school. I joined the school-based prevention programme and developed a keen love for wilderness and for using rites of passage to support young women and men in their own development. As a young man, Usiko’s wilderness activities have matured me and have developed me on many personal levels”.

Darrius holds qualification in Adventure Guiding, Mountaineering, International Rites of Passage Guide (with the School of Lost Borders), and in Tourism. His hobbies include hiking and rugby.

His favourite quotation is so defining of the special energy and commitment he brings to his work at Usiko:

“Going into the wild alone, with no food, only water, and minimal shelter, for 4 days and 4 nights, is an ancient and profound way to face the pressing questions of “Who am I ? ” and “What are the gifts I bring to the world?”    ‘Unknown’