Clenn Vermeulen

Clenn Vermeulen is the Livelihood Coordinator at Usiko. Resident in Jamestown, Clenn is the proud father of 3 children and is happily married to Anthea. His relationship with Usiko started as one of the founding mentors in Usiko’s first programme in 2001. He left after a few years and came back as a board member from 2010 to 2012 and now coordinates the livelihood support to Usiko youth beneficiaries. This involves matching the study, career and life plans of the youth in Usiko’s programmes with training, career guidance and work opportunities.

Clenn is a passionate advocate for Usiko’s wilderness focus. In his word “I have the great respect for the Wilderness as it was there in 2001, where I was stripped of all my pretensions, masks and arrogance. Yes, it was in the Wilderness where I made contact with the real me. I was carrying so much baggage, pain, unforgiveness and anger, which had to make space for love, forgiveness and happiness.”

He enjoys working with the youth, to help them to free themselves, to live their dreams. This Beatles’ fan asserts that ” All we need is Love” and yes, ” It is Love that makes the world goes round” but it is love and discipline that will turn this world right side up. He firmly believes if we all do our bit, this world will be a better place. Clenn was also recently inducted as an elder in the Usiko community. He is a strong champion of the community participatory process of Usiko.